Chances are it is and the return on investment has been disappointing, also.  But it’s not your fault the chosen software vendor lacks continued support and training, sells against you, too complicated for sales people, too expensive, takes too long to sell and every opportunity turns into a SCIENCE PROJECT.  Customer’s and Sales people HATE science projects!  Maybe you need a change and a document management software anyone could sell.  But you need amazing software support to be successful. Without it, the cost of FRUSTRATION gets expensive.


For Painless Document Management call Tronitech.

Running a business means making tough choices.  Choosing a Document Management Solution/Vendor that is simple and constantly supports you is not one of them.  If any of the below reasons are an obstacle, you need help and realize you have other options.

Too complicated for sales people

Lack of support and training

Cannot demo product

Every opportunity Turns into a science project

Takes too long to sell

Learning curve way to hard

Pressure to sell hardware

We know Tronitech’s solutions are simple, powerful and profitable.   We offer amazing support from people who really care about your success. We’re like a family – big enough to serve you and small enough to know you. We’re a great value because we value you. In fact, we’re so sure you’re going to love us, we will let your customers try it before they buy it at no cost.  You know, date before marriage, a traditional plan.  Take the pain out of your imaging support and give us a call.

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