Are you drowning in paper with antiquated business processes? Are your documents difficult to access(office or home), misplaced or lost? Do you need to find a way to properly store and organize your ever-increasing volume of documents securely? If you answered yes to any of the above, your business needs to implement a document management solution that will streamline your processes, enable access anywhere, quickly search and retrieve critical documents and securely store your information.

What is document management?
A Document management solution is used to manage, store, retrieve, collaborate and track documents. The concept is not entirely new. In fact, some platforms have been around since the 1980s replacing microfiche starting with Computer Output to Laser Disk (COLD) helping businesses manage reports, statements etc. Back then, everything was stored locally on optical disk, but with advancement of technology, documents can now be stored in the cloud or on a network server and accessed through any web-connected device from anywhere at any time.

A document management software solution can do all the functions of an enterprise content management and content management system. It covers the document lifecycle (i.e. scanning, storing, and sharing), manages all content (i.e. paper and digital), simplifies collaboration, and ensures compliance.

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Why use it?
Any business can benefit from a document management solution regardless of industry or size. Most solutions can be customized to suit every business that wants to securely automate manual processes, organize information, search and retrieve documents efficiently and save money. Not only will your documents be available anywhere for everyone, your business can also take advantage of a workflow solution allowing for approvals from one to multiple personnel taking advantage of early payment discounts.

More so than ever before, the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the urgency of investing in a document management solution due to remote working requirements, shutdowns and purported future stay at home orders. The software will enable secure and easier access to critical documents with its intuitive indexing capabilities, so your team can still collaborate and share files with ease regardless of where you work.

The software will also improve customer service when workers have an easier and quicker way to retrieve and review documents. This could be crucial to government offices, hospitals, banks, law firms, schools, and many other institutions.

Manually entering metadata and naming documents can take up a lot of time and may even require you to hire additional manpower to accomplish those tasks. With a document management solution, you can automate those processes and free up those resources. Moreover, all files and important records can be backed up more effectively to support your business continuity plan and eliminate costly problems that could arise with missing or stolen documents.

Proper document management practices can improve efficiency in areas like invoice processing and hiring. With the right document management software, your organization can work more effectively and faster, and make informed decisions easily.

Get the right document management solution
VAULTview is Tronitech’s document management software. It can help reduce overall costs and eliminate IT overhead and operational costs. Capital expenditures are eliminated for hardware and system implementation for more ROI and savings. It provides unlimited data storage and users, so you can easily expand your processes and enable instant, secure access across multiple locations, departments, and projects.

The technology behind VAULTview secures, organizes, distributes documents and other content. Tronitech’s document management solution captures documents through automated imports and scanning, enhances processes with a workflow tool, stores and archive records, and provides secure access to private data. They also enable the easy retrieval of records by applying various search criteria and allows the posting of comments. Get in touch with Tronitech to learn more or to schedule a demo.

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