Sept 16, 2021

healthcare industry across the globe is progressively emphasizing improving the quality of patient care delivered. The introduction of electronic medical records (EMR) has contributed massively to the digitalization of healthcare sectors but also created a huge burden managing patient files. Indexing medical records is a critical function as it facilitates the search, access, and retrieval of crucial medical data that needs to be managed with attention to accuracy, rules and details.

June 10, 2021

After suffering unprecedented world wide shutdowns and economic depression not seen since World War II, the economy is poised for a global recovery which has not been realized since 2017. The growing consensus is that the post-pandemic economic activity could produce a boom unlike any that we’ve seen before.

March 8, 2020

There have been great technological advancements in document management/imaging since introduced in the 1990’s, but some major obstacles have remained that prevented many from implementing & if they did, stop using. Too Costly, painful to consistently process documents & a steep learning curve still causes discontent & opposition.

Whether small, medium or large, your business is data driven in some fashion with information flowing in and out at all times. Thus, managing and capturing the necessary data even at a minimum, can be costly, frustrating, time consuming and an arduous task. Tronitech alleviates these difficulties by saving your business money, time, capital and headaches freeing up your personnel to manage your core business.

Tronitech, the industry leader in providing microfiche scanning services and microfilm scanning services, explains the importance of these services.

Businesses across the world are edging towards data entry outsourcing for a good reason. This repetitive and time-consuming process can turn into a laborious and expensive task without the proper expertise.

Tronitech Capture is one of the most comprehensive end-to-end solutions to scan, index, and process documents.

Tronitech, the industry leader in offering the managed document services, explains the importance of document management software.

Tronitech Capture is a scalable Cloud or OnPremise web-based document capture software to scan, index, process, and extract data.

Businesses across the world are rapidly turning to outsource for their data entry processes, and for good reason. This often-lengthy process, which can then be very expensive, can turn into a real mission for employees without the proper expertise.