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Document Imaging At its Simplest

Posted by on Dec 7, 2017 in Tronitech

The pain of document imaging for customers is the time, cost, frustration and burden of having to key in information. Customers want to be able access their data in various systems, and they want for it be accurate and available NOW!!! If you are looking at document imaging solutions for a new revenue source solution, hopefully you are combining it with Managed Content Services. Why, might you ask? The ease of data entry, actionable/accurate date, and immediate access. And we won’t be the only ones to tell you this, both AIIM and Gartner think this as well. “Document Imaging with managed content services CAN NOT be ignored” (Gartner). So, what is the problem? AIIM says it best (2017): “User experience is the Achilles’ Heel for many EXM systems. An AIIM survey of experience implementations concluded that the number one challenge was usability, with over 60% citing this as an issue. Poor content management practices result in taking too long to find content (62%)”.  To sum this up, it is just too damn complicated and they cannot accurately index the information. Ideally, companies just want a simplistic solution to organize, store, retrieve, share and then manipulate metadata for use in all their applications… not just in the document imaging solution. This puts the focus on the input and output of documents- capturing with one solution in 24 hours. Today, most companies produce and share a tremendous amount by both digital and paper means, with the primary need being the optimization of content which is becoming essential to reducing costs, streamlining business processes and making it actionable. This is where Managed Content Services becomes very relevant. In the cost cutting business environment, organizations are moving from looking for ways to reduce printing costs to the bigger fish to fry – How can they improve processes around content and document capture? Yes, that means that they don’t to want anything to do with handling their own data pertaining to indexing or any other critical process of extracting data from documents, or forms. Customers want to put it on a scanner or multi-functional device, press send and the next day it is ready to view accurately and securely. Anyone can offer a document imaging solution but organizations are demanding more than usual; an all-encompassing solution with quick access, all the bells and whistles, but for less money. Sure, you could do this yourself or outsource… or even think about it or try again internally, but chances are you will spend too much time and most importantly too much MONEY, when you can have it done in one solution. No delay in processing. No inaccurate data. No currier fees. Just put documents in, hit send, and the next day they are ready to view and the data is imported into other applications that you need, such as AP,HR,EMR, ETC.   Another problem solved and satisfied customers!    ...

Why Make Document Imaging So Complicated

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Consider asking your customer this question: “How would you like to walk up to your multi-functional device or scanner, load the documents, and the next day they are processed and ready to view.  We can all imagine what their answer would be – It would be a LIFESAVER! Document Imaging can be just that easy!  You don’t have to juggle it all, let us help you.  The process is simple: Customer scans, we do the rest. Emails? – no problem! No lost time or money with outsourcing. No specialized document imaging training or knowledge is needed. You will have all the tools and resources to be SUCCESSFUL. The right partner will enable all of this to happen. All you have to do is ask the above question.   With VAULTView, we will partner with you to make your document imaging experience as smooth as possible. This is what we do best. Send us your scanned documents and we will take care of the rest, ensuring easy and secure, HIPAA compliant access to your documents when needed.       Why make document imaging so complicated when it can be so easy? It can be one the least daunting tasks throughout your day. No longer will you spend time searching through files or piles on your desk for that one paper, because with the simple task of document imaging, it will be easily accessible after one simple scan.   User experience is the Achilles’ Heel for many ECM systems. An AIIM survey of experienced ECM implementations concluded that the number one challenge was usability, with over 60% citing this as an issue. Poor content management practices result in taking too long to find content (62%)- 2017.           VAULTview can help you achieve the other 38%!   It does not have to be complicated! We work hard to make document imaging EASY for our customers....

Pro-Tech Service Award

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Pro-Tech Service Award

Konica Minolta Honors Tronitech of Indianapolis Indiana with 2016 Pro-Tech Service Award for Service Excellence March 8, 2016 Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. (Konica Minolta) today announced that Tronitech of Indianapolis Indiana, has been honored with a 2016 Pro-Tech Service Award, which recognizes those Konica Minolta dealerships that demonstrate the highest commitment to customer support and satisfaction. “Providing excellent service has become increasingly important in our industry, and Konica Minolta is committed to assuring the highest performance standards across our organization,” said James Ingrassia, Vice President, Solutions Support Division, Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. “The Pro-Tech Service Award represents Konica Minolta’s gold standard for service competence and proficiency. There is no higher honor for an authorized Konica Minolta dealer partner and Tronitech should be very proud of its achievement.” A 15 time Pro-Tech Service Award winner Tronitech, headed by Edward Arkenau is dedicated to delivering professional, reliable service and maximum performance for Konica Minolta’s award-winning lines of digital imaging products. To attain the Pro-Tech standard, each element of Tronitech’s operation was evaluated and measured, including its management skills, inventory control systems, technical expertise, dispatch systems, and customer satisfaction ratings. “The Pro-Tech Service Award is a mark of distinction which we are proud to showcase as it symbolizes our commitment to offering the best business practices in our marketplace,” said Randall Wheeler, Technical Service Manager, Tronitech “This award certifies to our customer base that we have the skills, people and systems to keep their Konica Minolta equipment operating at the highest level of productivity. Additionally, it provides our customers another great reason to count on Konica Minolta and Tronitech for all of their document management needs.” About Konica Minolta Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. is one of the world’s leaders in information management focused on enterprise content, technology optimization and cloud services. Our portfolio of offerings deliver solutions to improve our customers’ speed to market, manage technology costs, and facilitate the sharing of information to increase productivity. The All Covered IT Services division offers a range of IT strategy, support, project and cloud computing solutions across all verticals. Konica Minolta has won numerous awards and recognition, including placement in the Leaders Quadrant of the 2016 Magic Quadrant for Managed Print Services (MPS) and Managed Content Services (MCS). Konica Minolta has been recognized as the #1 Brand for Customer Loyalty in the MFP Office Copier Market by Brand Keys for eight consecutive years. Konica Minolta, Inc. has also been named to the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for three years in a row. About Tronitech Tronitech is a “full- service document management company” headquartered in Indianapolis Indiana with offices in Cincinnati, Ohio, Columbus, Ohio and Lexington Kentucky. The mission of Tronitech has been to provide our clients with Excellence in Records and Document Management Solutions. Tronitech has become the premier Document Management Solutions Specialist with a unique ability to adapt to each client’s needs , quickly establish and maintain a genuine rapport with a team approach, and effectively implementing innovative techniques to meet our clients business goals. Konica Minolta is a trademark of Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc. All other trademarks mentioned in this document are the property of their respective owners. I want to learn more! to learn more or call us at (800)...

IDT/Tronitech: A Block and Company Customer Case Study

Posted by on Nov 23, 2015 in Tronitech

Block & Co. Future-Proofs ECM with Low-Cost Cloud Technology Company Gains 24/7/365 Support, Smooth Transition for Users Software that is inexpensive, upgrades automatically and offers unlimited storage is usually a welcome choice for any IT professional—especially when a change is unwanted, but necessary, due to discontinued support and a platform at the threshold of maximum capacity. Such was the case for Kremena Hagen, Manager, and Information Technologies for Block & Company, a leading manufacturer of POS and money handling equipment, security and office products based in Wheeling, IL. Support ended in 2013 for the company’s on premise electronic content management (ECM) system used in its Accounts Payable, Distribution, and Customer Service departments, and a new solution was needed. Led by Hagen, the four-person IT team at this 81 year-old firm had already been working since 2012 on major hardware, system and application upgrades to meet company goals of faster data access, better integration between systems and more process automation. For the ECM system conversion, Hagen had three primary goals: retain the same functionality, no disruption for users and contain costs. Affordable, Cloud-Based ECM Hagen turned to Block’s ECM consultant Integrated Document Technologies (IDT), Itasca, IL, to assist with selecting a new system. “We trust IDT’s technical expertise, vast experience with multiple ECM systems, and most importantly, knowledge of our own infrastructure and data,” says Hagen. The two companies have worked together since 2001, when IDT designed, installed and integrated the company’s first ECM system, and on a prior conversion in 2009. For its next upgrade, Block considered new enterprise ECM software from its current provider. But Hagen found the cost too high, and, didn’t want to purchase yet another system on premise that may not be supported four years from now. To meet cost constraints without sacrificing functionality, IDT recommended a Cloud-based system, Tronitech’s VAULTview ECM that would provide Block with several long-term advantages: reduced infrastructure and maintenance costs; unlimited storage; and greater functionality and flexibility than the previous system. “By moving ECM to the Cloud, Block eliminated on premise servers and IT infrastructure, plus licensing fees. All that’s needed to use it is a web browser,” notes Mike Nolfo, IDT president. “With upgrades included, there’s no downtime or added cost. And since space is always available in the Cloud, unlimited storage is another plus.” Tronitech also offers technical support 24/7, 365 days a year, and a relief for busy IT teams. All these factors added up to good reason for Block to move to the Cloud. “Internally for IT, we have one less server and application to worry about,” says Hagen. “ECM systems are not in the core of our IT expertise, and having someone else taking care of it is welcomed.” The Tronitech VAULTview ECM Importantly for many companies, too, says Nolfo, a Cloud ECM system like VAULTview is a good solution for disaster recovery. Rather than having hardware on premise, servers are housed in a compliant data center and regularly backed-up, again eliminating work for in-house IT teams. This became another value-add for Block, since the company is in the midst of developing a disaster recovery plan. A Successful Conversion In line with Hagen’s goals of not disrupting the user experience or requiring training, IDT and Tronitech were committed to configure the new ECM system to...

Refining your image

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Integrating imaging and business process automation with your core service offerings can be easier with the right solution provider. Let’s get one thing straight: Paper is going to be around for a long time, but the revolution of digital information has taken place. Remember when having your head in the clouds referred to being out of touch or unrealistic and going on vacation did not include taking your smartphone to instantly respond to work emails or phone calls? We have come to rely on having information available at our fingertips. We also are familiar with the rapid pace at which technology moves, and this one-way freight train loaded with evolving data technologies, continues to gain momentum. In addition, regulations and security requirements are only getting more stringent, forcing organizations to make decisions. An example of this for RIM (records and information management) companies was when the HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) Act forced the medical industry to adopt electronic medical records (EMRs). Although RIM companies are still enjoying profits from storing and shredding paper documents, a dramatic change is taking place in the industry. The role of RIM services providers is changing from records storage and destruction partners to total information management partners. “Big data,” however, can offer “big opportunities” for RIM companies. Now is the time to add one of several new revenue sources to not only grow your business but also to compete in offering integrated solutions tailored to your customers’ needs. One such opportunity is document imaging and business process automation. Confronting obstacles I know you might have heard from your peers about their experiences in this area, have attended trade shows with sessions on the topic, have seen other companies try to offer these services and have even explored offering business process automation services yourself, but the challenges of committing to a technology seem too overwhelming and distracting to take action, even though business process automation is a natural fit. What is clear is this: Times are changing, and the digital world we live in today is a different ball game that requires a different offensive strategy. Integrating imaging and business process automation with your core services is becoming less of an option and more of a necessity if growth is your company’s goal. To meet your customers’ immediate and long-term needs, becoming a full-service information management company will not only help you to reach new clients, it also will help you to produce more revenue from existing clients. Contrary to what many commercial RIM professionals believe, document imaging can drive more boxes to your business, and if you are not offering this service to your customers, someone else will. Unfortunately, too many records management and secure destruction companies are not looking outside the box mostly because of the preconceived notion of the complexity of imaging and the obstacles they will face when offering this service. Do any of these excuses sound familiar? I don’t understand the technology or business processes associated with imaging. The barriers to entry are too high and too expensive. My existing staff is not trained to sell or provide imaging services. I am afraid of failing with my customers or of wasting time and money to learn imaging. I do not think my customer base is...

ECM-Slow Sales, No Sales, WHY? ECM Sales and Services

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ECM-Slow Sales, No Sales, WHY? ECM Sales and Services

ECM-Slow Sales, No Sales, WHY? I was sold on the idea 5 years ago ECM was the silver bullet. Became an expert on Docu-Everything and used the logic that If You Build It, They would come. What happened?   After attending trade shows, reading publications and speaking with peers, document imaging was going to be the silver bullet coming out of the economic downturn.  Determined and committed, I began discussions with several different software vendors, viewed demos and heard how easy the sale will be in a booming industry, the plunge was a no brainer.  The company selected Docu-Everything software [insert any software vendor] which was the best ECM software ever offered at a very competitive price.  After investing a lot of money to become an authorized reseller and sending staff to training, we were Docu-Everything experts and fully armed to deploy the troops to send sales skyrocketing, OR WERE WE???  The answer is an emphatic NO!!!  Chasing every opportunity, responding to RFP’s, canvassing any business with file cabinets, you name it, but the sales were dismal and it became fruitless to continue.  The silver bullet bombed, big time. Unfortunately, the above scenario is far more of the norm than exception.  Companies sign with Docu-Everything, pay the reseller fee, get trained (certified as an authorized reseller) and go ‘gung ho’ to sell document imaging.  Sales were less than desirable, the boss was applying pressure and eventually INSANITY sets in, you know, doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. The white flag was raised and in frustration begged the question “WHY”?  With the best sales people on the planet that were Docu-Everything experts, a marketing team Google envied and support staff ready to help 24/7, how could this fail, “WHY”?  A 110% effort was put forth with a lot of hard work, meetings, proposals, emails etc. Of course every dog has its day and luck eventually takes your side to close a few deals just enough to win a few battles, but I could never pinpoint what differentiated those sales from all the deals lost.  Each time, you met with the customers, told them how great Docu-Everything was, showed them a demo, got the volumes of paper, submitted a proposal on time and followed up as a good sales person would do, but to no avail. So once again “WHY”?  It must be Docu-Everything software which was the best, is that WHY? “Why”, “Why, “Why, “Why”? WHY #1. They didn’t know how to sell ECM.  These companies hadn’t the slightest clue of who, what, when, where and especially WHY.  ECM is a complex sale that requires knowing Who is a suspect or prospect, What the problem is [business or technical challenges], When to offer a designed solution to fix the problem, Where the advocates or opponents are, and WHY they need an ECM solution, justified with a proven ROI. At the very least, get a better understanding of common business problems. Know the terms, speak their language, understand their workflows, then match a solution to that. Why #2.  Just because you have the best sales people (they do know how to sell) and marketing personnel that are all trained on Docu-Everything, doesn’t make the sales numbers.  The “why” conundrum could have been solved here:  The sales people...

PRISM Conference 2015

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Thank you PRISM for another successful and productive 2015 conference   Prism 2015 Annual Conference May 17, 2015 San Antonio, TX. Tronitech was the proud sponsor for the first and very successful: “Future of PRISM-Under 40” Ian Thomas and Mark Arkenau presenting: “Winning the Paper Wars” Tronitech helping to solve another complex business process problem with document imaging!   Tronitech displayed a winning formula with a completely different approach that helped RIM companies at PRISM 2015 understand how to successfully offer document imaging.  By providing all the necessary resources, Tronitech removes any obstacles that may prevent a business from offering imaging services. Thank you PRISM for another GREAT conference! I want to learn more! to learn more or call us at (800)...

A Guide to Finding the Best Document Management Services

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A Guide to Finding the Best Document Management Services

A Guide to Finding the Best Document Management Services   The search for a Document Management partner can be a tedious task.  Especially, if you have gone through months or even years interacting with providers. Providers whom have not been listening to your needs or perhaps the document management product itself has not been performing to your standards. When you collaborate with a good Document Management partner, you can be assured your documents will be handled with utmost care! This will allow you time to focus your attention towards other facets of your business.   There are four key points to explore before selecting a Document Management partner: Service – What level of service meets your needs?  Make sure that service is a main focus for the Document Management provider you select and one that is consistent in their response to your needs. Security – Your documents contain information that is highly sensitive and needs to be kept safe and secure.  This is just as important to you as to your clients.  Make sure you know how the Document Management provider plans to keep your records safe in the short-term and the long-term time. Technology – What technologies and platforms are used by the Document Management provider?  Make sure that the partner you choose will work with your platform, and have accessibility in all locations or times needed. Longevity – Like most business owners, you have invested much to be where you are today.  It is important to partner with a company who have been in business for a fair amount of time with a proven track record of dependability and expertise when entrusting your documents with. With the right Document Management provider and new Document Management system implemented, there are a number of ways your business will be more efficient. When a customer needs a document emailed or faxed, you can instantly obtain it on your desktop within seconds, so customer service is improved. Data quality will improve with your ability to reuse information to populate forms or validate incoming data. This will reduce occurrences of missing or misplaced documents. An audit trail of accessing software and activity within the software is present. This ensures regulatory compliance.  This will also improve compliance within Records Retention Schedules and the system will automatically classify and store all incoming documents. A good Document Management system follows strict security protocols, thus protecting your stored data.  Your records will be protected from disasters with the necessary backup recovery systems. Your bottom line is increased with the instant access of your documents. Whether you are looking to digitize your documents for the first time or looking for a new Document Management provider, following the four key points as stated above, you can save time and frustration by finding the right partner to trust. This decision will set you on the right path so your business can perform at its best while you enjoy reduced operating costs and efficiency.     I want to learn more! to learn more or call us at (800)...

Tronitech becomes NAID’s first Certified Custodial Member

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Tronitech becomes NAID’s first Certified Custodial Member

Indiana-based Tronitech is the first organization to earn the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) Custodial Membership/Certification. The achievement requires Tronitech to submit to scheduled and unannounced audits, validating the physical security of client information in their care and that the information is destroyed by a NAID AAA Certified service provider. As a result, Tronitech can legitimately and appropriately promote that it offers NAID AAA Certified secure destruction services to its clients. Click here for FULL Press Release! I want to learn more! to learn more or call us at (800)...

Tronitech to exhibit and sponsor at Prism 2015 Annual Conference May 17, 2015 San Antonio, TX

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Tronitech to exhibit and sponsor at Prism 2015 Annual Conference May 17, 2015 San Antonio, TX

Tronitech to exhibit and sponsor at Prism 2015 Annual Conference Prism 2015 Annual Conference May 17, 2015 San Antonio, TX. Looking for a partner to help you offer imaging services? Are you puzzled over how to get started in imaging? Frustrated by all of the pieces that look the same and take too long to put together? Need assistance to see both the whole picture as well as the details? We help you with all of the pieces of the imaging puzzle! Tronitech takes a completely different approach that will help you succeed in offering document imaging services. Tronitech provides all the sales/marketing skills and technology necessary that will remove any obstacle that may prevent a business from offering imaging services. Together, we can create success! Running a business means making tough choices. Choosing an imaging company that will constantly support you is not one of them. Choose Tronitech. Simple. Powerful. Profitable. Stop by and visit us at Booth 211 to learn how we work hard to make imaging easy for our clients. I want to learn more! to learn more or call us at (800)...