Let us scan and take care of all the rest.

Get solutions to help you turn paper into digital and store it in Tronitech’s CLOUD solution or securely off site in Tronitech’s secure storage center/service bureau.


Managed document services: you scan, we do the rest.

Traditional document management solutions are missing a critical piece, EZDOC addresses it head on, indexing.


Customer Scans Documents

  • Multi Function Device
  • Scanner
  • Monitored
  • Email
Search and Retrieve

Tronitech Processes / Indexes Documents

  • Accurate – 99.99% accuracy, all indexes are double keyed
  • Fast – customer data is back in 24hrs or less
  • Actionable – Delivered to any or multiple applications via CSV
Tronitech Processes

Search And Retrieve Any Document The Next Day

Managed document services

docTeam Imaging Suite by Tronitech is the solution
clients are looking for!

Tronitech Capture

Tronitech Capture

Tronitech CAPTURE is the first fully-functional, true enterprise distributed document capture system built for the Internet.

Converting Your Paper Documents to Digital Format Allows For Better Work Efficiency While Saving You Both Time and Money!

Tronitech Capture


VAULTview changes the landscape of Document Management by reducing overall costs, removing operational costs, and eliminating IT overhead.

Tronitech Capture

Data Entry Services

Are you tired of the Cost, Time and Frustration of managing your data entry and processing in-house?

Tronitech Capture

Document Scanning

Let us scan and take care of all the rest.

Tronitech Capture

Document Management

Document image conversion is a great way to automate workflow processes.

Tronitech Capture

Medical Record Indexing Services

Although most of the health industry has adapted to the use of Electronic Medical Records(EMR), providers still encounter continual frustration on many levels.

Tronitech Capture

EMR Conversion

Wanting to convert your current EMR to another EMR Document Management solution,

Tronitech Capture

Microfiche(COM) & Microfilm Conversion

COM is a great way to archive your company’s information for long-term, inexpensive storage.

Tronitech Capture

TouchChart/Impact MD Conversion

2019-Touch Chart/ImpactMD is no longer being supported, but you have options.

Document Processing & Document Capture Software

What customers want

  • An easy way to process, store and retrieve documents.
  • A solution that removes the hassle of data entry or anything about it, but done in 24 hours or less
  • Share documents/information
  • Disaster recovery
  • No more science projects that include the following:
    • Complicated proposals
    • Complex implementations
    • Process disruption
    • Too expensive
  • Document capture software to automate the process of scanning paper documents
  • Document processing to enable the digital transformation of business processes
Document Management Software

What our clients say

Tronitech’s indexing team has helped solve our customers most painstaking and time consuming burden with using a Document Management Solution. Processing their documents to be retrieved and viewable, accurately. Now, the customer scans their documents daily from any device and the next day, they are ready to be viewed and retrieved. Regardless of the volume, number of index fields, complexity or details, Tronitech’s data entry team executes. DEXDOX captures it All

Dex Imaging, Steve Beaty, Director of Solutions

Mark Arkenau and the Tronitech Support team has been an asset to attract new imaging opportunities and develop new business through their technology expertise.  Before Tronitech, we were limited to basic opportunities but now, we are limitless.  If you looking to enhance your solution offering, I would highly recommend speaking with Tronitech about their data entry and document management.  Regardless of the technical complexity of any project, we are in good hands.

Jay Geisler, VRC/CSS
When we chose Tronitech, great support was key to our decision as we were replacing another vendor that was falling short.  IDT immediately converted a large, loyal and longtime customer that went flawless and integrations smooth.  Tronitech has been exceptional and their technological expertise helps us also with Capsys our sister company.  This allows capturing the most critical data for a company from any document, anywhere, anytime accurately and quickly. 


Michael Nolfo, IDT

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