Documents are and will continue to be, a critical part of almost any business. And as your company continues to grow, so does the volume of paper and files that you must store and have available to access. With 2020 changing the way we do business, it has become essential to invest in reliable document management software to make sure that all documents are stored in one secure place that you and your team can access from anytime and anywhere. Tronitech can help you get started with its range of document management solutions to improve the way you work and streamline the way you organize your files in the long run.

Effective data management is necessary for every business, regardless of its industry. It can dramatically improve processes, collaboration, staff morale and your own company’s bottom line while making sure that you’re meeting all regulatory requirements with ease. Document management can even mitigate the risk of data loss or misplaced documents. Here are more important reasons to consider investing in this type of software:

1. Reduce costs
The document management software provides a streamlined digital means to store and organize your files in one place. This helps reduce costs associated with physical storage, printing, and couriers. It allows you to retrieve files digitally and share them through an online portal or email when necessary.

The software can also reduce or eliminate administrative costs associated with finding and retrieving documents. Tronitech provides a cloud-based solution that could minimize your need to invest in servers, physical hardware, and additional IT staff.

2. Increase security
Adopting the right document management solutions is a step to improving the way you store, organize, and retrieve or share sensitive data. They often come with sophisticated security systems to reduce risk from regulatory and compliance requirements (i.e. HIPPA and SEC).
Tronitech is ISO 9001 and 27001 certified to ensure 99.99 percent data accuracy and stringent security measures for full confidentiality. VPN and FTP are utilized when there’s a need to exchange files and data.

3. Faster response times
The document management software gives a more accurate and quicker way to get the information you need. Thus, the workflow can go smoothly as productivity increases. This could help the team provide better customer service as wait times are significantly reduced, while minimizing the frustration associated with a disorganized document management system.
Tronitech’s EZDOC software double keys all indexes after you scan them, and the data will be ready in 24 hours or less. Documents can be searched and retrieved with ease using the software.

4. Environmentally friendly

Thinking of going paperless? Using a document management solution can get you started with that. It can potentially help lower your overhead costs by 30 to 40 percent as it can reduce expenses associated with paper and physical storage facilities.

5. Simplify the way you manage your records
Document management solutions from Tronitech can make it easier to organize and secure your documents, so you and your team can focus more on other important tasks. This can result in a more efficient workplace, which can be more profitable and capable of growing successfully.
Productivity is also positively affected by switching to a document management solution, especially when the software eliminates the need to deal with stacks of paper. When you are away from your office, you can still access documents from anywhere using any device.

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