Document capture

The volume of business information is projected to grow dramatically in 2021. To keep up, your business must be prepared to effectively capture and preserve its documents using a document capture software solution. This technology will also help your company transition to being paperless and improve the way you share documents internally, collaborate, and accomplish external transactions.

The document capture process pertains to scanning and uploading paper documents into an electronic repository. It can also mean capturing and uploading digital documents. It involves an intelligent system that detects relevant data in every document for automated indexing, which simplifies retrieval and use down the line. With the right document capture software and management solution, both digital and paper documents can be readable, editable, and searchable through the interface.

Any business, regardless of size or industry, will benefit from document capture. This is especially true if you deal with high volumes of documents in different formats on a daily basis. Here is an overview of the benefits that this solution can bring:

1. Save space
If your office space is filled with filing cabinets and shelves, it may be time to rethink how you store and preserve your documents. Digitized documents eliminate the need to invest in additional physical storage spaces even if volumes grow down the line. A good document capture software will also store your files in the cloud, so that means not having to buy additional hard drives for storing them. Cloud storage is easy to upgrade, should you require additional space in the future.

2. Reduce costs
When you stop buying physical hardware and storage for document storage, you can free up your resources and focus them on other important investments for your business rather than spending them on operational costs. And because the digital documents are stored and backed up in the cloud, you do not have to worry about costs associated with losses and reproducing them.

Document capture software

3. Improve collaboration and efficiency
Document capture simplifies and speeds up the retrieval of documents. It promotes ease in collaboration and sharing, too, as electronic documents are easier to access and share without having to make physical copies of the papers go from one desk to another—which could even result in them being misplaced or lost. When a certain document needs to be retrieved and shared, every user can simply retrieve it from a single digital location.

4. Improve compliance and security

Digital capture can minimize incidents of loss and theft related to physical copies of documents. Access may be configured as permission-based to avoid unauthorized viewing, modifications, or deletion. Digital documents are also easier to audit, as the capture software can show who has accessed or opened, edited, shared, or printed it. This way, regulatory compliance is also achieved.

5. Streamlined document management
With a document management system, document capture will help streamline the way all files are managed and organized for easy retrieval. This may also lead to businesses and organizations being able to enhance their services when they spend more time fulfilling their responsibilities and tasks instead of wasting too much time and effort trying to locate and retrieve specific files manually.

Experience all these benefits with Tronitech CAPTURE, an enterprise distributed, fully functional document capture software designed for the internet. That means it can be used anywhere with its web-based capture client. With a thin document capture client, you can have all the production capture features of a traditional, complex, and expensive ‘thick’ Windows client at in an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution. It is easy to deploy, requires minimal training, and simple to maintain down the line, while enabling you to capture documents from various sources, including faxes, multifunction devices, scanned paper and electronically created documents. Your company can choose to only scan and Tronitech will do the rest with a robust data entry team that can handle all the indexing for your company for all formats of information.

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