Over the last two decades, the healthcare industry has grown from merely a sector that provides patient care to include a network of medical agencies contributing to technical innovations and treatments. As the industry continues to thrive, the need for document capture solutions increases. More and more medical and healthcare organizations are now practicing safe record-keeping and management. When used with innovative document management software, it can provide a complete solution to keep documents properly organized, secure, and easier to access by relevant parties.

Importance of document management software solutions in the healthcare sector

The field of healthcare has unique requirements. Practitioners and providers have to be extra cautious when making changes because they need to comply with strict regulations such as HITECH, which is encouraging growth with interoperability. Now more than ever, electronic health records are essential for effective and streamlined patient care. Interoperability will be difficult to achieve without compliant document capture and management solutions. This is why it makes sense for dentists, doctors, and other medical practitioners to invest in a high-quality document management platform that will keep patient records secure and properly organized.

Why the healthcare industry should invest in document management software

The right document management software can help clinics and hospitals overcome challenges like regulatory compliance and poor management. It lets you store important records and files (i.e., patient notes, COVID-19 forms, HCFA forms, insurance information, bills, and medical charts) digitally to preserve and keep them organized according to healthcare regulations. It can reduce filing and paperwork and eliminate the need to invest in more physical storage spaces and tools. With a document capture solution, it will also be easy to scan and save the content of physical papers into a central repository of records.

A good document management system decreases reliance on paper as it can capture, retrieve, and store documents. This is a huge advantage when practitioners must work remotely, without physical access to their office computers. This also helps reduce the need for additional physical storage spaces and costs associated with retaining physical paper documents. Accounting, HR, billing, and laboratories are among the departments that can also benefit from having a centralized document management solution.

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Benefits the software can deliver to the healthcare industry

There are many more ways by which a document management solution can benefit the healthcare industry:

  • Increased security – HIPAA-sensitive data can easily be leaked and stolen without a secure way to manage and store medical documents. You can avoid such incidents by using a reliable document management system that lets you control who can access files.
  • Compliance – You risk having your license revoked, paying fines, or facing liability when your practice is unable to follow compliance requirements for handling medical records and patient files. Document management software lets you avoid non-compliance. Moreover, it can be scaled for policy management, so it is easier to update your employees of new healthcare protocols.
  • Avoid disasters – Good document management practices include disaster recovery and data backup. With digital records stored in the cloud, you can stop worrying about them being lost because of theft or natural disasters.
  • Keeps data organized – Healthcare organizations deal with heavy data entry at all times, and they can have difficulty organizing important ones like patient charts, insurance records, and bills. Document management software can eliminate clutter and keep everything organized and secure in one repository. It also helps in effectively managing patients, departments, and staff, while improving transparency and patient experience.

Find the right software for your healthcare practice

Turn to a managed document services provider like Tronitech for a range of document management software solutions that will suit the requirements of your healthcare facility or practice.

CAPTURE, our document capture and assembly software, is designed and built for the internet to provide a thin client that comes with all the important features you can expect from this kind of software—but at a more reasonable cost.

It is easy to use and can scan virtually any volume of documents, centralized or distributed, from a variety of sources like faxes, scanned paper, emails, electronically created documents, and more.

Tronitech also offers VAULTview, in case you require document management software that will eliminate IT overheads and operational costs so you can save money. It will organize, distribute, and secure documents that may have come from other systems on paper.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a demo of CAPTURE or VAULTview to learn how they can improve your document management process.

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