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A lot of imaging resellers fail. Why? To be successful, imaging resellers rely on strong support and if your company is beginning to offer document imaging, your support needs to be exceptional. At EVERY level of interaction with you and your clients, you need a partner that helps you every step of the way.

How can you become a successful imaging reseller if you don’t understand imaging? You need a great teacher. A reliable imaging solution partner brings together what you need to know to be a successful imaging reseller. They will show you how imaging is similar and different to other services you offer. A reliable partner will help you understand the business model, the imaging process, client retrieval needs and how to approach existing and prospective clients. They will also teach you where your business revenue can be increased and how to interact with your clients to add value. Selling imaging services is complex and you must create value by finding the problem which takes asking tough questions that uncovers cost and inefficient processes. That is when a solution can be proposed. Without those answers, you are just another bidder keeping your fingers crossed that this will be the YES after so many frustrating no’s.

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