Document Imaging

Paperless processes can make any type and size of business much more productive, efficient, and profitable. Small companies in particular can improve their competitive advantage by implementing a document processing solution. In this blog, we’ll discuss the five benefits of document imaging and how they impact small businesses.

  • Reduced costs

Reduced costs

Hiring qualified employees after Covid has been a challenge at best and small businesses are typically short-staffed. Their teams have to fulfill a lot of responsibilities and daily tasks. Hiring additional manpower to take care of document processing will be difficult along with higher wages that most small businesses simply can’t afford. Moreover, it may mean having to invest in additional storage solutions to keep hard copies.

With document imaging solutions, a small business can save on costs and free up their teams to focus on other areas that directly generate revenue. Not having to print hard copies of documents could also mean saving on paper and ink costs.

  • Increased security

Increased security

Almost all kinds of businesses handle sensitive and private information in one form or another, and this information is always at risk of being stolen or getting lost. You often hear about data breaches and companies getting hit with ransomware attacks. Of course these are large companies with terabytes of data, but small companies have the same issue all due to lack of security whether it is paper or data. Unfortunately, companies seem to overlook the importance of protecting physical copies of important documents that can easily become misplaced or taken by unauthorized users. Lack of security controls for both paper and data can have a negative impact on a small business that is trying to build a good reputation in its industry. Data breaches can cause a company to lose its credibility and the trust of its customers not to mention the costs.

With a robust document management solution, information can be effectively secured in a centralized location. It will be accessible only by authorized parties. Files can be stored on secure offsite servers with automated backup capabilities.

  • Convenience


Digital documents can be accessible any time, anywhere securely retrieved quickly compared to hard copies. This improves workflow and boosts productivity. The staff can put their energy towards improving customer service and sales when they spend less time rummaging through files.
  • Compliance


Small businesses are also expected to meet compliance regulations on retention, how long they can keep data or files. With a document processing solution, a retention date can be set and they can store files digitally with an additional layer of security to prevent loss or theft. Backups of the files can be created automatically in the cloud. It’s much easier to securely delete digital files than to shred paper documents before disposal.

  • Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly

Document imaging can help a small business reduce its paper consumption. It eliminates the need to make several multiple copies as back-up, and it makes the business more environmentally friendly.

Isn’t it about time your small business starts benefiting from document processing? Tronitech is here to help. We offer complete document imaging systems and software solutions to suit your exact requirements.

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