We know that document imaging is probably the best office hack, streamlining productivity and clearing space on your desk, but one question remains: What other things can I do at work to make every day work flow a little better and make me a little more productive…Besides document imaging?

There are many ways to organize your desk, from your basic binder clip, to repurposing household items or becoming more productive by changing your daily habits. Here we have the top 13 office hacks to make your life easier

  1. Use binder clips to organize cords: Do you have cords going every which way or that are beyond tangled? Binder clips are your solution. Hook the clips onto your desk and run the cords up through the end of the clips. You’ll never have tangled cords again.
  2. Take Regular breaks: Everyone is more productive when they give their mind a break and get up to move around. Every 25 minutes take a 5-minute break or every 50 minutes take a 10-minute break. This is a good time for you to refocus your thoughts and get back on track. Also, the more your move, the more energy you have. .
  3. Turn up the temp!: Many offices have the thermostat set between 66-68, but it is shown that the warmer the office is, the better the productivity. Is your office too cold? Bring a blanket or a little space heater warm you up!
  4. Chew gum: According to The British Journal of Psychology, chewing gum boosts concentration
  5. Set Designated time to check your e-mail: If every time an e-mail comes in, you stop what you’re doing to check it, you are not being as productive as you could be. Schedule a time a couple times throughout the day where you check your e-mail and respond.
  6. Dirty Keyboard? : Use a piece of tape to clean between the letters.
  7. Not sure what cord goes to what?: use bread clips to label cords and wires. You’ll never unplug your printer when you are trying to unplug your phone charger again!
  8. Repurpose your spice rack: use an old spice rack to store things like pushpins. Rubber-bands, paper clips and staples
  9. Stay Hydrated: drink water throughout the day. Do you have trouble drinking water? Get a water bottle and label it with times that you need to drink and drink about a third of the water.
  10. Extra Light: Get a lamp for extra light. According to Northwestern University, workers with more light exposure are more alert
  11. Do the most important/challenging task first: Once you complete this task, everything else will be a piece of cake and you won’t have something hanging over your head the rest of the day.
  12. Create compartments in your drawers: Use leftover cardboard from cereal boxes or shoe boxes to create compartments in your desk drawers. This will help with organization of items and give you a nice, clean workspace.
  13. Rubber band 2 Kleenex boxes together: Save your empty Kleenex box and rubber band it to your new one. The new one will hold all your Kleenex and the empty one will act as desk sized trash can. Convenient!


So, what is your favorite office hack? Ours is document imaging!

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