Document imaging

The biggest question is why.  Why do many still work in the stressful, unorganized, time consuming, costly world of paper?  Maybe paper gives a sense of security, maybe the thought of learning a new system will be too disruptive, maybe change is scary, maybe it’s because we have always done it this way, maybe your company has just not embraced the technology, maybe being unorganized, taking work home, not finding things, slow customer responses is life, maybe, maybe…… Meanwhile at your desk is your smartphone that gives you instant access to everything and a PC that is begging to help you, even providing a search box to find anything.  Each day going to work you find yourself living in the Twilight Zone!!! Sound Familiar?

Maybe this is you: Your department is swamped at work, piles upon piles of paperwork to process, customers wanting information NOW, management expecting reports, vendors looking for payment, sales orders need filled, important documents getting misfiled, chaos creeps in, Sally swears she gave you the approved document, employees hit their boiling point and finally the work day is done.  But, you cannot leave because today is the deadline for month end and there is no light peering through all the paper.   You have tried everything you can think of; desk organizers, file folders, binders- EVERYTHING- but nothing works and at the end of the day you always seem to end up piled under more paper.

There is a cheap, easy, fast, reliable solution and it’s called Document Imaging or better coined the pathway to the easy life.

  1. It is not rocket science- it is easy and not complicated. You already know how to use a PC and Smart phone, your ready.
  2. It is 100% accurate
  3. It is convenient- you’re not working with paper so you can work wherever, whenever. Happy hour anyone?
  4. NO MORE DATA ENTRY! Easy way to process and store information
  5. Information is safe from hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires and other disasters
  6. Immediate access to critical information. No more file folders, drawers, shelves etc.
  7. Everything else in this world is digital, why not make your business digital too?
  8. Save time, people and years of your life. Now you can go on vacation!
  9. Save Money $$$- Management will love you.
  10. Compliancies make audits easy. Overall better user experience

Document imaging plugs you into the world just like your smart phone and PC. It takes all those piles of paperwork, and organizes them neatly into a cloud database that you can access from any device from ANYWHERE!

So, what is Document Imagining? Document Imaging is convenience, organization and a time/money saver. What more could you ask for?

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