Terms and Conditions


This Annual Maintenance Agreement includes preventive maintenance visits as well as emergency repairs and replacement parts to each of the units listed during the effective period of the agreement; including Tronitech Inc. agrees in return for the payment of the amounts set forth hereafter.

  1. To provide emergency on the units requested by the customer, such emergency calls will be handled between the hours of 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.
  2. To provide preventative inspections which include cleaning, lubrication, adjustments and service necessary to keep the units in good working condition. Inspections may be completed while performing emergency repair services.
  3. To provide replacement parts as needed with the exception of projection lamps, toner and parts needed due to customer misuse or breakage, and associated labor.


  1. This contract shall continue in force for one year as stipulated above and shall be renewed automatically each year thereafter unless either party gives notice of cancellation in writing to the other not less than 30 days before the expiration date of the then current annual period.
  2. Tronitech, Inc. shall be relieved of all responsibilities and obligations under this contract if repair or service work is performed on these units by anyone other than an authorized representative of this company.
  3. Tronitech, Inc. shall bear no responsibility or obligation for damage to accessories attached by another vendor to the equipment covered by this agreement. The customer may be asked to remove or have the accessory removed if it is obstructing access to repair.
  4. This agreement does not cover correction of problems to the equipment caused by attachment of accessories on the equipment by another vendor, nor does it cover any expense caused by the use of supplies not authorized and approved by Tronitech, Inc.
  5. The equipment must be attached to a power line conditioner/surge protection device sold and supplied by Tronitech, Inc. The service agreement is void if proper electrical requirements are not furnished.
  6. Exceptions: Exposure Lamps, Glass Parts and Consumables.
  7. There is a $0.02 copy charge for each scan after 30,000 scans are produced during the agreement period.
  8. Major overhauling, disassembly or rebuilding is not provided under the terms of this agreement. A written estimate of charges will be submitted for the customer’s approval prior to beginning such repairs.
  9. Tronitech, Inc. shall not be held responsible for any loss of data or functionality caused by any malicious virus attack. The customer shall be required to provide adequate and current virus protection on all System devices.