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Document Management Applications

Document image conversion is a great way to automate workflow processes. Some work processes can especially benefit from document imaging. Members of the Tronitech team are experts in enterprise document management and assisting clients in key industries. Documents are at the heart of many business processes and Tronitech has everything you expect in an enterprise document management system. Here are some of them:

Health Care – conversion of legacy information or manual forms processes to digital can help speed retrieval, improve workflow and reduce labor costs associated with medical information management.

Financial Services – contracts, loan agreements, banking services and investment-related processes can use document imaging conversion to provide quicker processing, facilitate information sharing between branches and central processing or approval centers, and lower costs.

Mail Room – general mail room processing and distribution of incoming paper information can enhance information sharing, improve internal communications and lower opportunity costs associated with distributing and managing paper at each workstation.

Accounts Payable – invoice approvals among multi-department structures is one of the best examples of imaging conversion services in action.

Engineering & Construction – the conversion of drawings and other technical documentation can facilitate quicker sharing of information and help to ensure version control and accountability.

Government – legacy conversion of documents such as real estate and tax documents often receive high-profile media coverage when there is no more room. Rather than keep paper information in environments that may not be suited for long-term storage, document image conversion provides a better means of reducing long-term cost and improving citizen access to records.

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