Most business, schools and medical professionals are still using Paper forms and will admit they are a pain to manage. They are constantly rummaging through each page trying to find the necessary form, while likely leaving a hodgepodge for the next lucky person. Once/if found, they will often find it to be illegible, inaccurate or have other problems rendering it useless.

The good news is that we’re seeing more of these organizations making the switch to electronic forms to help address these issues, but just as with any process change come challenges and questions. Since our forms change regularly, how do we know we have the most recent version of the form? Will we be able to add a signature? How do you group files so you don’t have numerous individual files? Once the form is completed, what do you do with it? How secure is the form once submitted?

With an intuitive Eforms management tool, business rules, signature flexibility, integration and security, an electronic forms processing solution becomes a practical cost effective solution. Paper forms are not cheap, AIIM latest research found the average cost of a paper form to be $7.00 costing most organizations tens of thousands of dollars per year unnecessarily, timing could not be better to introduce an Eforms solution. The benefits of saving money and improve departments that are hindered by slow, error-prone, paper based processes is well worth the energy of exploring Eforms.

Let’s face it, we all hate filling out forms. The thought of dealing with the monotony, minuscule boxes for writing and needing a magnifying glass to read microscopic print, pains me every time. The fact remains that forms are something we all deal with, no matter what industry. Whether it’s the doctor’s office, school, government, bank etc. forms are managed on a daily basis.

Imagine being able to offer an Eforms solution that is user friendly, accessed anywhere by any device, integratable with existing database pre populating form, cuts costs, improve customer satisfaction, 100% ACCURATE and secure. Now do you think it might be time to rethink the way you process forms? Check out how our Eforms solution can turn imagination into reality.

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