Whether it’s the vaccine mandate, burnout or pandemic fatigue, healthcare organizations across the United States are struggling with employment and now it’s all hands-on deck mentality. The last thing they want to deal with is data entry, scanning and medical record processing but, it is an essential part of the workflow of any healthcare facility. To make matters worse, there is more information coming from every angle now than ever before and Covid vaccination record reporting just adds to the pile. For pharmacies, vaccinations have crippled their medication refill production due to the time and data entry requirements for reporting with an already deficient/stressed staff.

Even with a full staffed operation, the management of patient files, billing, reporting, EOBS is a huge administrative burden that leads to errors, batches of unfiled documents sitting in the EMR, gaps in data collections, critical labs being ordered and so on. It is a tedious, time consuming, mouse clicking task that must be done accurately and quickly for ideal patient care.

Now, even if you’re paying high salaries, signing bonuses, paid schooling etc., you are facing shortages and nonclinical is doing clinical and vice versa, all hands-on deck. Pressure is on everyone to complete tasks, stay late, and do whatever it takes causing medical record processing and all that goes with it to suffer which causes a domino effect. More batches are piling up, errors are multiplying, labs not ordered, referrals stalled, to name several. If it wasn’t already, managing this now is impractical to say the least when patient care is still critical.

It is not a matter of if you will need help, you probably already did but just endured, but when and hopefully not too late. Learning how your organization processes takes time and although fluent with most solutions, most healthcare organizations have unique rules and guidelines that must be learned. Some are more difficult, complex and time-consuming while others are less.

Tronitech not only has data entry people ready, but they are also quick, accurate and experts with indexing medical information, using superior technology that processes quickly. Your organization will also reap all the benefits now and into the future of having this professionally processed.

Managing medical information is a vital function within any healthcare organization and must be done diligently with attention to accuracy and detail. Tronitech knows this along with our customers. Contact us for a free consult and/or a 30-day trial with no strings attached, except costs of course.

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