Document Scanning Services

Let us scan and take care of all the rest.

The Process...

The Process…

  • Receive: We received the documents through: Courier service, USPS, UPS, FEDEX, and have the ability to receive truck loads.
  • Document Prep: We prepare the documents for scanning by removing staples, formatting the paperwork, Inserting Patch-T separation papers, and fixing blemishes.
  • Scanning: Scan your paperwork through our Kodak commercial scanners
  • Indexing: The batches are sent to our indexing team and returned in an agreed upon timeline.
  • Document Management Integration: Formatting scanned images into third-party formats (Oracle, OnBase, FileNet, Documentum, and others).

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Document Imaging


  • Unlock the true value of the information contained in your files. Tronitech can digitize all of your paperwork including documents, contracts, charts, invoices, large paper and more
  • Capable of high volume projects
  • Kodak commercial grade scanners


  • Accurate —> 99.99% accuracy, all indexes are double keyed
  • Fast —> Customer data is back within 24 hours or less
  • Actionable —> Delivered to any or multiple applications via CSV
Document Storage

Document Storage

  • We store documents in our temperature controlled warehouse
  • File Naming and Coding: Files are named and coded to enable search and retrieval, or formatted for integration with your existing content management system
  • Scan on Demand: We can scan you a paper file in our storage through a secure email
  • Delivery: We can get you your paperwork delivered as fast as possible
Safety & Security

Safety & Security

  • We are NAID AAA Certified
  • We take chain of custody very seriously. We always know where your paperwork is.
  • Our building is secured using a 24 hour security system detailed with high tech cameras covering each entrance and exit