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Document Scanning Services

Let us scan and take care of all the rest.

The Process...

The Process…

  • Receive: We received the documents through: Courier service, USPS, UPS, FEDEX, and have the ability to receive truck loads.
  • Document Prep: We prepare the documents for scanning by removing staples, formatting the paperwork, Inserting Patch-T separation papers, and fixing blemishes.
  • Scanning: Scan your paperwork through our Kodak commercial scanners
  • Indexing: The batches are sent to our indexing team and returned in an agreed upon timeline.
  • Document Management Integration: Formatting scanned images into third-party formats (Oracle, OnBase, FileNet, Documentum, and others).
Preservation & Retrieval Scanning Services - Tronitech, Inc

Preservation & Retrieval Scanning Services – Tronitech, Inc

Quick Inquiry

    Document Imaging


    • Unlock the true value of the information contained in your files. Tronitech can digitize all of your paperwork including documents, contracts, charts, invoices, large paper and more
    • Capable of high volume projects
    • Kodak commercial grade scanners


    • Accurate —> 99.99% accuracy, all indexes are double keyed
    • Fast —> Customer data is back within 24 hours or less
    • Actionable —> Delivered to any or multiple applications via CSV
    Document Storage

    Document Storage

    • We store documents in our temperature controlled warehouse
    • File Naming and Coding: Files are named and coded to enable search and retrieval, or formatted for integration with your existing content management system
    • Scan on Demand: We can scan you a paper file in our storage through a secure email
    • Delivery: We can get you your paperwork delivered as fast as possible
    Safety & Security

    Safety & Security

    • We are NAID AAA Certified
    • We take chain of custody very seriously. We always know where your paperwork is.
    • Our building is secured using a 24 hour security system detailed with high tech cameras covering each entrance and exit

    How to videos

    Tronitech Capture Demo
    Vaultview Short Demo
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    What our clients say

    Tronitech’s indexing team has helped solve our customers most painstaking and time consuming burden with using a Document Management Solution. Processing their documents to be retrieved and viewable, accurately. Now, the customer scans their documents daily from any device and the next day, they are ready to be viewed and retrieved. Regardless of the volume, number of index fields, complexity or details, Tronitech’s data entry team executes. DEXDOX captures it All

    Dex Imaging, Steve Beaty, Director of Solutions

    Mark Arkenau and the Tronitech Support team has been an asset to attract new imaging opportunities and develop new business through their technology expertise.  Before Tronitech, we were limited to basic opportunities but now, we are limitless.  If you looking to enhance your solution offering, I would highly recommend speaking with Tronitech about their data entry and document management.  Regardless of the technical complexity of any project, we are in good hands.

    Jay Geisler, VRC/CSS
    When we chose Tronitech, great support was key to our decision as we were replacing another vendor that was falling short.  IDT immediately converted a large, loyal and longtime customer that went flawless and integrations smooth.  Tronitech has been exceptional and their technological expertise helps us also with Capsys our sister company.  This allows capturing the most critical data for a company from any document, anywhere, anytime accurately and quickly.

    Michael Nolfo, IDT

    Case studies


    When do I need document scanning?2021-04-01T06:53:02+00:00

    If you are handling paper of any type, you need to scan your documents regardless of the size or age of your organization.  Inevitably,  boxes and file cabinets start to fill up, documents cannot be found and you must be in the same physical place to view.  Also more often than not, there is important data on these documents you will want to extract that drives your business.  Document scanning will allow you to securely store and retrieve your documents electronically, reduces your storage costs and provides greater work efficiency.

    How much does document scanning cost?2021-04-01T07:03:18+00:00

    The cost of document scanning varies based on the volume and number of search fields needed to retrieve. You can generally expect to pay $250.00 per standard size box.

    Do you offer bulk document scanning?2021-04-01T07:03:54+00:00

    Yes, in fact Tronitech is built for bulk scanning and is most of our business.

    How secure will my documents be at your site?2021-04-01T07:05:35+00:00

    Security of your information is our utmost concern. Our facility can only be entered by credentialed employees, monitored 24/7/365 closed-circuit television, temperature controlled, NAID AAA certified, Hippa compliant and more.

    What types of documents can you scan?2021-04-01T07:06:09+00:00

    Every type of document big and small from E size drawings to 3×5 cards with the majority being 8.5”x11”.

    What does indexing a document mean?2021-04-01T07:06:48+00:00

    Document indexing is the process of associating the information with a file or specific tag, allowing it to be easily found and retrieved later. The Indexed information will then be programmed into a document management system, which helps users quickly access the data they require.

    What is the purpose of document management?2021-04-01T07:07:36+00:00

    Better customer service, optimizing your processes, collaboration, instant access to documents anywhere/anytime, reducing cost and no office space is required.

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