Is your imaging business reaping the rewards of a flourishing industry or are you struggling in mediocrity? As a Value Added Reseller (VAR), did you know that 80% of your current imaging software vendor’s revenue is coming from 20% of their resellers?

It may be difficult to acknowledge, but the truth is 80% would represent the mediocrity and 20% are the thriving for various reasons, none more important than pre/post sales and technical support which cater to the 20% that produce. Overlooked is the opportunity that lies within the bottom 80% for good reason. They need the MOST support to grow something most imaging software providers DO NOT know how to offer.

How to change this disparity? It starts with Partner enablement. First, you may want to ask yourself a question, does your current imaging software vendor have your best interests in mind, AND are they offering meaningful strategies along with support that will contribute to the success of your business? If the answer is NO or you’re not sure, you may want to re-examine and re-think your current relationship. You must decide if it is a winning formula with a focus on partnership that involves providing you with all the essential resources, bringing together what you need to know with the technical expertise and sales skills necessary to successfully offer document imaging. There are many obstacles that prevent businesses from succeeding in offering document imaging, not having a reliable partner that constantly supports them should not be one of them.

You may have an imaging software vendor that has the best of class in every solution, but are they the best fit for your company? There is an 80% chance they may not be. Having been a reseller of almost all the recognized solutions, they all operated the same. Certify the reseller, and it is trial-by-fire or learn on the fly. Then prices will increase and support will decrease. Sound familiar? Maybe it is time for a change.

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