Corporate Storage Systems, a high regarded business, stores thousands of boxes full of critical information for customers all over the Northern Kentucky region and Lafayette, La.  Jay had a vision that document imaging was going to be a large part of his business and a vital service to his success.  Before partnering with Tronitech, Jay was only offering scan on demand and internet hosting of information, limiting his options.  Seeking knowledge, support, technical assistance in the information management industry, Jay needed additional expertise to provide solutions for current and future opportunities.  He was also looking for a partner who would be available to his customers to meet, strategize and propose the best solution to their needs.  Jay needed support and a partner for his vision.


Corporate Storage Systems chose Tronitech to become their information management partner.  Utilizing Tronitech Capture, Vaultview and technical expertise, CSS became a full-service scanning operation leveraging this to acquire several large companies then many more.  Tronitech builds all profiles and tests applications so Corporate Storage only has to focus on processing documents.  With more customers also comes complexity including database merges, indexing rules (with if it this then that scenarios), auto document classification to eliminate the need of separator sheets integrations and much more. Tronitech has created several new applications including one that integrated four (4) Database files, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), barcode recognition and document classification automatically classifying these images.  Another application Tronitech proposed the use of OCR for document separation and for capturing index information from checks in an AP environment.  For this application, the documents had varying number of pages in which document separation was setup based on Kofax zone separation; the zone was based on a static value on each check stub.  There are multiple document classes, each with their own static heading on each check stub.  The information captured from the checks eliminated the need for manual indexing not only saving money but also time, allowing customer with optimal retrieval from various indexes.  CSS and many other customers know that complexity is not an issue with Tronitech as the backbone to their operation.

Currently and the Future

CSS relies heavily on Tronitech not only for support but also new business.  The business has grown from one client to scanning and hosting over a terabyte of information.  Tronitech has opened the door for CSS to pursue any opportunity regardless of the size or complexity.   Corporate Storage realized this value when an opportunity of 11 million images per year scanning, terabytes of data to be migrated from a legacy system and infrastructure challenges had to be scoped out.  Before Tronitech, this would have been a lost opportunity due to lack of resources but instead, CSS led the way not only for this customer, but others to follow.

Tronitech’s support and technology guidance has earned high accolades from CSS owner Jay Geisler.

“Tronitech is a very business friendly and professional company with each employee knowing what their role is to help their customers solve information scanning and e-storage challenges.”  

“Mark Arkenau and the Tronitech Support team has been an asset to Corporate Storage System’s ability to attract new imaging opportunities and develop new business through their technology expertise.  Regardless of the technical complexity of any project, we are in good hands.”

“If you are looking to enhance your records management service offerings, I would seriously recommend that you speak with Tronitech about document imaging and website document viewing.” Jay Geisler-Owner Corporate Storage Systems


Tronitech was founded in 1974 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Tronitech began when microfiche and microfilm were the most technologically advanced means of storing information.  Now, Tronitech’s Vaultview Document Management solution, data entry services, conversion services and Tronitech Capture is again leading the way in a technology world that changes daily. Tronitech continues to grow and is always looking for better ways to automate processes.

Over 35 years of experience has allowed Tronitech to position itself as a total system solutions provider with an ongoing corporate mission to focus on exceeding customers’ expectations.  Tronitech does not view itself as a vendor, Tronitech is a partner.

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