Is cost reductions and revenue increases important to you and your business for overall business performance? If your answer is yes, it most certainly can be obtained by implementing an Enterprise Content Management system.

With a top notch ECM system in place in your business, you will have the ability to create, manage, store, preserve and deliver all the records, content and documentation related to processes of your organization. Overall business performance is maximized and improved with giving you value and quality enterprise content through Enterprise Content Management solutions. Some of the positive impacts on your business are improved customer satisfaction, better usage of current and archived information and shorter cycle time. Your employees who use the system will be more productive as they will not waste their time searching through paper files. It costs $20.00 in labor to file a document, then $120.00 in labor to find a misfiled document, and $220.00 in labor to reproduce a lost document. (Source AIIM).

Other savings your business will experience is active file storage cost, eliminates inactive and active storage costs. Once paper file cabinets are removed, that office space can be used for more productive revenue-generating activities in your business. Retrieval costs at off-site storage centers are eliminated and/or reduced depending on whether your business still needs off-site storage. Replacement and recovery of abused and worn out paper documents are avoided. In case of a natural disaster, organizational downtime is significantly reduced because all documentation is retrievable and can be easily reproduced as needed. When legal discovery is needed, those costs will be reduced with the use of a more accurate and efficient search and filtering tools. Management also enjoys efficiency by simplifying business continuity planning with all pertinent documentation at their fingertips. Collaboration, compliance and disaster recovery are the top three drivers for any organization to invest in Enterprise Content Management.

To name a few more reasons why an Enterprise Content Management system would be beneficial to your business:

  • Productivity is increased when electronic management of your content-content creation, revision, approval distribution and cycle time improved as the newest version is available.
  • It eliminates personal and electronic copies spread throughout the company and business unit.
  • Paper and paper work needed to print reports are reduced.
  • Customer satisfaction is increased, which leads to customer retention, reputation, market share and revenue.
  • IT resources are saved by having the content stored and located once plus any versions in a central repository.
  • Project start-up times are reduced, which shortens learning curve for project team members, saving time, once processes, procedures and templates of documents are created and reused.

Isn’t it time you took a serious look at implementing an Enterprise Content Management system in your business so you can begin to streamline and make your business perform at its best while also reducing operation costs?

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