The pain of document imaging for customers is the time, cost, frustration and burden of having to key in information. Customers want to be able access their data in various systems, and they want for it be accurate and available NOW!!!

If you are looking at document imaging solutions for a new revenue source solution, hopefully you are combining it with Managed Content Services.

Why, might you ask? The ease of data entry, actionable/accurate date, and immediate access. And we won’t be the only ones to tell you this, both AIIM and Gartner think this as well.

“Document Imaging with managed content services CAN NOT be ignored” (Gartner).

So, what is the problem? AIIM says it best (2017): “User experience is the Achilles’ Heel for many EXM systems. An AIIM survey of experience implementations concluded that the number one challenge was usability, with over 60% citing this as an issue. Poor content management practices result in taking too long to find content (62%)”.  To sum this up, it is just too damn complicated and they cannot accurately index the information. Ideally, companies just want a simplistic solution to organize, store, retrieve, share and then manipulate metadata for use in all their applications… not just in the document imaging solution. This puts the focus on the input and output of documents- capturing with one solution in 24 hours.

Today, most companies produce and share a tremendous amount by both digital and paper means, with the primary need being the optimization of content which is becoming essential to reducing costs, streamlining business processes and making it actionable. This is where Managed Content Services becomes very relevant. In the cost cutting business environment, organizations are moving from looking for ways to reduce printing costs to the bigger fish to fry – How can they improve processes around content and document capture? Yes, that means that they don’t to want anything to do with handling their own data pertaining to indexing or any other critical process of extracting data from documents, or forms. Customers want to put it on a scanner or multi-functional device, press send and the next day it is ready to view accurately and securely.

Anyone can offer a document imaging solution but organizations are demanding more than usual;

an all-encompassing solution with quick access, all the bells and whistles, but for less money. Sure, you could do this yourself or outsource… or even think about it or try again internally, but chances are you will spend too much time and most importantly too much MONEY, when you can have it done in one solution. No delay in processing. No inaccurate data. No currier fees. Just put documents in, hit send, and the next day they are ready to view and the data is imported into other applications that you need, such as AP,HR,EMR, ETC.

Another problem solved and satisfied customers!

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