docTeam Imaging Suite by Tronitech is the solution your clients are looking for!


Document capture is the first step in providing imaging services to clients. docTEAM Capture makes...


Image retrieval, (the key service clients need), is made possible by document indexing and secure...


Like an imaging franchise organization, Tronitech understands that companies getting started...


One of the most critical elements in imaging is the capability to identify captured information for...


Clients need powerful capabilities to integrate documents with data and employee activities...

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Together We Create Imaging Magic

“How do I offer scanning services?” “What scanner should I buy?” “What do I charge for imaging services?” If you are new to document imaging, you will be asking all these questions and many others. At Tronitech we work together with you to form a docTEAM – a family of excellent products, outstanding support and dedicated service providers. Here are some things you need to know:


Tronitech’s docTEAM approach is very different. We work together with you. We teach you as you go. We can provide any service you are not prepared to provide. You become a full-service document imaging provider the first day you join the team.

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