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If you’re not offering imaging services, you should be. Expanding your services can help you reach new clients. It can also produce more revenue from existing clients. You know this to be true. You know other operators with successful imaging service offerings and great reseller revenue. So why aren’t you in the imaging business? Are any of these familiar reasons?

  • You don’t understand the technology or business processes associated with imaging.
  • You believe digital imaging creates an unacceptable risk of data breaches.
  • You think the barriers to entry are too high and too expensive for your operation.
  • Your current personnel are not sufficient/trained to sell or provide imaging services.
  • You are afraid of failure and of wasting your investment in learning imaging.

Any one of those obstacles is enough to prevent a business from getting involved in imaging services. Tronitech works together with you to address each of your concerns. If you don’t succeed, neither do we. That’s why we work so hard to make imaging easy for you. We are committed to providing you with exceptional support. We work together with you to teach you imaging, support your staff as they learn the product and service model, and guide you through interactions with clients.

We Help You Understand Imaging

Technology and information management knowledge drive the imaging process. Tronitech educational tools and our exceptional level of support is your guide. Even if you know nothing about imaging, we can provide the support you need to be a successful imaging reseller.

Great Products Mitigate Risks

Tronitech’s docTeam suite of products and services are powerful imaging and workflow tools. Compliance requirements and data breach mitigation are factored into each product and service we offer.

Easy Market Entry

The Tronitech reseller model keeps up-front investment to a minimum. When you make money, so do we. We have skin in the game. Our success depends on working together with you to serve clients.

Human Resource Needs

Expanding your service offering will mean the eventual expansion of personnel. Tronitech can provide some or all services you require while you are learning how imaging works. You can wait to hire additional imaging personnel until you are ready to provide services directly. And, when you hire new imaging employees, you can count on our education and training resources to bring your team up to speed.

Fear of Failure

It is true that some companies who have entered the imaging space did not succeed. If they did not have a reliable partner and a team behind them, the learning curve may have been too steep. That’s why you should choose Tronitech. Together, we can create success!

Tronitech’s team approach is focused on YOU. Let us show you how we make it easy for you to become an imaging reseller. “Get Imaging Now” is our introductory online program. By participating in this program, you can learn more about imaging and about how Tronitech supports its reseller family. No sales pitches. No propaganda. Just good information you can use to make a sound business decision. Imaging is a business opportunity, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right business opportunity for you. Want to include your key staff? No problem. We can provide access and imaging education for your team. Tronitech’s “Get Imaging Now” may create a new stream of questions. One you really understand the revenue and service potential, you’ll want to know how this works. We will follow up with you after the session to answer these and other questions.

Corporate Storage Systems relies heavily on Tronitech not only for support but also new business. Tronitech has opened the door for Corporate Storage to pursue any opportunity regardless of the size or complexity. Corporate Storage realized this value when an opportunity of 11 million images per year scanning, 250,000 HR document back file, and data migration, became a probability. Instead of walking away from this opportunity due to infrastructure and knowledge concerns, Jay is now the front runner with Tronitech headlining this initiative. Tronitech is a very business friendly and professional company with each employee knowing what their role is to help their customers solve information scanning and e-storage challenges. “If you are looking to enhance your records management service offerings, I would seriously recommend that you speak with Tronitech about document imaging and website document viewing.

Jay Geisler

President, Corporate Storage Systems

I wish to take this opportunity to thank Tronitech for the business relationship we have enjoyed over the last 2 years. The data storage and document retrieval solution performs as you stated it would when Citizens Bank was doing their investigation into document imaging system for our savings and loan documents. The commitment to service by both you and your customer support area has enabled us to successfully implement a document scanning solution for our savings and loan areas, in addition it has allowed us to expand to other areas of the bank for document storage and retrieval. Tronitech has been quick in responding to our needs and customizing your solution to meet our unique needs. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone looking for a document scanning and retrieval system and would be happy to discuss our operation and relationship with Tronitech to any potential client you may have. On behalf of Citizens Bank we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Tronitech and know your company will be there to assist us with our scanning and storage needs.

Michael S. Polley

Vice President – Operations, Citizens Bank

Tronitech resellers are like a family. We stick together and support each other. Every member of the Tronitech reseller team supports your efforts and celebrates your success. As our reseller family grows, so does our body of knowledge. Best practices, new business opportunities, product and service enhancements and critical business alliances become stronger when you become involved. Join the family; become a Tronitech reseller.

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