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“How do I offer scanning services?” “What scanner should I buy?” “What do I charge for imaging services?” If you are new to document imaging, you will be asking all these questions and many others. At Tronitech we work together with you to form a docTEAM – a family of excellent products, outstanding support and dedicated service providers. Here are some things you need to know:



Tronitech’s docTEAM approach is very different. We work together with you. We teach you as you go. We can provide any service you are not prepared to provide. You become a full-service document imaging provider the first day you join the team.


Our docTEAM Imaging Suite gives you and your clients exactly what you need. Complete document capture and document retrieval is built in. Document workflow and document indexing and our VAULTview digital image storage gives your clients access at a moment’s notice. As your imaging knowledge grows, the docTEAM Imaging Suite grows with you.


When you are new to imaging, you may be frightened by the up-front cost of scanning equipment, software, imaging consulting and hiring imaging workers. We use a different model. We want you on our team. Choose low up front cost and pay as you go. Work together with us on projects that may require more equipment or resources. As a part of the Tronitech family you can count on us to keep your costs low.


You want to provide clients with services they need. Tronitech’s reseller model offers you multiple streams of revenue. Whether you work on securing imaging conversion projects or assist clients in establishing their own in-house imaging operations, we can help you build revenue.

So let’s answer those questions:

“How do I offer scanning services?” Become aTronitech reseller. Work together with a partner that cares about you and your business.

“What scanner should I buy?” In the beginning you may not want to buy a scanner at all. You may choose to work with Tronitech to serve clients. Or, take advantage of our relationships with equipment providers to test and select equipment that fits your business.

“What do I charge for imaging services?” Accurate project estimates require a great deal of knowledge about imaging operations and experience in dealing with client assumptions. It is very common to make mistakes – expensive mistakes. Working together with Tronitech means that you have experience on your side from the beginning. If there was an imaging franchise, you would want it to provide the kinds of services that come from Tronitech. Whether you call us an imaging franchise or a family working together, just call us. Together we can make imaging magic.