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Increasing print reliability improves the integrity of the business processes that rely on documents printing in order to complete the task at hand. Additionally, it extends the value of the enterprise applications driving the print. Plus Technologies solutions overcome operating systems’ printing limitations and enable the integration of additional third party printing tools into the enterprise environment, without requiring that precious customer developer resources be engaged. In order to improve the fidelity of the print process, Plus Technologies delivers a wide variety of managed print solutions solving print job delivery problems including:

  • Confirming that mission critical print jobs actually land in the output tray allowing the business process to successfully complete
  • Intelligent management and control over label printers permits improve delivery reliability in logistics applications
  • Bursts or bundles print jobs to improve distribution to the appropriate destination
  • ERP printing management and control provides a single, automated, enterprise-wide solution to manage print jobs and print queues

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    Print administration

    Improving and simplifying the administration of enterprise print in a centralized and standardized way increases help desk efficiencies, reducing costs and improving end user satisfaction. In order to improve and standardize print help desk operations, Plus Technologies software performs a wide variety of functions including:

    • Providing a single point of control for all enterprise print support
    • Improved troubleshooting and remediation processes for enterprise print problems
    • Improving print problem remediation times via problem notification
    • Reduced training costs due to the utilization of a single, standardized toolset across all enterprise application platforms
    • Overcoming Windows Server print spooler limitations to improve scalability of enterprise print infrastructure

    Print accounting and metrics

    Measuring and monitoring output expense and operating cost is critical to any business, especially paper intensive and high volume environments. Our solutions provide a network print cost tracking capability that allows companies to analyze current print production, maximize output efficiency, reduce printing costs, and formulate future print strategies. We can tell you who printed what, where and when to allow the organization to determine that costs are properly allocated. Finally, reducing costs through our toner aving solution can help your organization lower expenses and get greener!

    • Tracking who printed what and where to ensure print costs can be kept under control
    • Reducing toner costs through intelligent toner saving software

    Services and support

    • Print consulting, assessment and architecture design
    • Enterprise print solutions development and customization
    • Print tools integration
    • Solutions and software implementation
    • Training