Tronitech’s Reseller Revenue Model Combines Maximum Flexibility With Total Support!

As a member of the Tronitech reseller family, your business can effectively respond to market trends and customer needs in a way that generates additional streams of revenue for your business. Consider the following:

  • The current move to paperless processes within organizations of all sizes and types means the opportunity is available for you to grow your business if you have the right tools and human resources
  • Tronitech’s low-cost-of-entry business model allows you to pay a modest monthly fee for access to all of the software and services you need to get started imaging documents
  • Tronitech provides you with cutting edge technology. You don’t need to be a software engineer to operate a successful imaging services operation. Once a document is scanned to the Cloud, Tronitech can complete all further processing steps. This allows you to scale your business quickly without the headaches of having to scale both the equipment and the human sides of the business.

Working together with Tronitech as a reseller means discovering new sources of revenue. If you are new to imaging, moving directly into full-service imaging operations may be overwhelming. Tronitech’s unique approach helps to ease you into imaging services by providing services for you while you are learning, then gradually helping you shift more direct services to your operation. Take a look at the following chart that illustrates the flexibility of the Tronitech reseller model.

Tronitech Reseller Growth Plan

Tronitech Reseller Growth Plan

Start-up phase

As illustrated in the graph, an unsupported imaging start-up would not include a component of extra support from the sponsoring organization. This would require significant financial commitment on the part of operators transitioning to imaging services and force them into a steep and sudden learning curve. Tronitech works together with you to take the pain out of this process. The start-up column of the graph shows the level of support operators can expect from Tronitech during the initial phases of imaging implementation. Operators who are not familiar with imaging are responsible for very little in the first phase. Even though corresponding revenue gains will also be small, operators who are moving into imaging for the first time can rest assured that Tronitech can provide complete support, including imaging conversion project services, from the first day of the reseller relationship.

Sales phase

As sales training and product familiarity grow, you will want to shoulder more of the responsibility for sales. Tronitech is still your partner, working together with you to respond to RFPs and answering questions regarding the project quotation process. As word spreads among your existing clients and prospects that you are now offering imaging services, opportunities for cross-selling based on imaging services inquiries will also be encountered. Clients who want to image internally can also work with you and Tronitech to establish their own imaging operation. All of these opportunities have the potential to generate enhanced revenue. The second column of the graph helps to illustrate the revenue growth that corresponds to the assumption of more responsibility for the selling process.

Operations phase

Once you begin to understand imaging conversion workflow, you will be able to make informed choices about imaging equipment, staffing and software and image storage infrastructure. Tronitech’s docSuite and solutions are ideal for this type of implementation. You will enjoy significant flexibility with low or higher up-front investment options. For large project work that may exceed your operations capacity, Tronitech continues to work together with you as a team to service client needs. In the third column of the chart, you will observe that the assumption of operations responsibility carries with it significantly more revenue. Large project billings are a significant source of cash flow. Whether you move into this phase quickly or slowly, Tronitech is ready to help you grow your imaging service offerings to enhance the profitability of your business.

Full service phase

With enough operating experience, you will come to rely less on Tronitech as a service provider and will capture an even greater percentage of overall revenue. Some functions, such as VAULTview digital repository services and help desk support functions for end-user imaging implementations, will remain the responsibility of Tronitech, but all other functions of your imaging conversion operation will be under your control. Tronitech’s reseller support system is designed to assist companies new to imaging through the imaging services growth phases. Tronitech is your partner in revenue growth. We make imaging painless for you to implement and help you grow your business by expanding your services and revenue.