Tronitech continues to grow its worldwide presence sponsoring, attending and providing software for the 2014 PRISM Imaging Workshop in Mumbai, India.

Tronitech would like to thank all participants who attended the PRISM Imaging & Digital Info Workshop held in Mumbai, India last week. Special thanks to our presenters, John Becker and Angus Wildie, whose efforts made this a success with constructive and informative imaging educational sessions.


Participants also experienced a demonstration of Vaultview Content Management and Workflow software by Mark Arkenau remotely which allowed the participants to see how their customers can benefit from offering Vaultview as a solution.


Other resources presented were production processes, operational infrastructure, electronic document management and sales/marketing.


Tronitech is committed to help you GROW YOUR BUSINESS financially, technologically and responsibly. With a better understanding of imaging services, as presented during the Workshop, you should be equipped with the tools you need to achieve great growth potential in this dynamic industry.

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