Get imaging now!

If you are new to imaging, you have a lot to learn. We want to help! Tronitech works together with you to teach the essentials of imaging. “Get Imaging Now!” is our education program dedicated to helping you understand the key requirements of imaging, client needs, sales and marketing information, staffing and personnel, and workflow, to name a few subject areas.

Technical documentation

As you would expect, Tronitech has developed a library of technical documents for our reseller family. These documents answer questions in more detail and provide a handy reference to staff who may be involved in training, operations or sales.

Recorded education sessions

So that you can access content when you need it, some topics have been recorded and are available for viewing. These recordings can be accessed by you or any member of your staff. In some cases, watching these videos will be essential for preparing you to participate in other Get Imaging Now events.

Live conference calls and webinars

Being able to ask questions and interact with presenters is also a critical component of Get Imaging Now! A schedule of upcoming events is provided to all Tronitech resellers so that you and your staff can participate. The subject matter of these sessions varies, and represents a low-cost, efficient way to deepen your understanding of document imaging conversion services.

Face-to-face events

Some of the most important learning opportunities for Tronitech resellers comes from face-to-face interaction with other operators. Tronitech understands this and provides opportunities for education and networking, usually in conjunction with other industry events.

One-on-one coaching

There are certain key moments during your growth as a Tronitech reseller, that you will need individual guidance and assistance. Tronitech has built a strong culture of support to help you grow your business.