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Managed document services: you scan, we do the rest.

Traditional document management solutions are missing a critical piece, EZDOC addresses it head on, indexing.


Customer Scans Documents

  • Multi Function Device
  • Scanner
  • Monitored
  • Email
Search and Retrieve

Tronitech Processes / Indexes Documents

  • Accurate – 99.99% accuracy, all indexes are double keyed
  • Fast – customer data is back in 24hrs or less
  • Actionable – Delivered to any or multiple applications via CSV
Tronitech Processes

Search And Retrieve Any Document The Next Day

Document Management Software

What customers want

  • An easy way to process and store business documents
  • They do not want to hassle with data entry or anything about it but want it TODAY!
  • Share documents/information
  • Disaster recovery
  • NO more science projects
    • Complicated proposals
    • Complex implementations
    • Process disruption
    • Too expensive

It can be this easy

Tronitech has the solution. Consider asking a customer this question:

“How would you like to walk up to your Multi Functional Device or scanner, load the documents and the next day they are processed ready to view?”

  • Customer scans, we do the rest. Emails with attached documents, no problem.
  • Data is the most valuable resource to a Business.
  • No lost time or money with outsourcing.
  • No specialized document imaging training or knowledge is needed.
  • Traditional DMS avoids and/or is missing a critical piece, EZDOC addresses it head on, INDEXING.
process document software
Are you ready?

Are you ready?

If you looking for a new, or replacing an old, document management solution, you need to choose one that does not involve the pain of processing documents.

Why? Data entry, actionable/accurate data, immediate access. Customers are done with the time, cost, frustration and burden of having to key in information which is where all the pain is involved. And they want the data in various systems And accurate And NOW!!!

Our document management software works to capture, identify, and store business records to manage content and records without user intervention. Contact us today!

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