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Document scanning in the most simple terms’ is the act of taking paper documents and converting them into digital images to be stored on your computer. This provides you with a way to store all of your documents without the need for a substantial filling system that takes up an unnecessarily large amount of office floor space. Large amounts of paper documents not only take up way too much employee time when searching for documents, they can also pose risks to your data protection security.

Once documents are scanned, you have a couple options to store them. For very small volume, storing these on your PC, network or external drive with a named file may be sufficient. However, most companies will need a document management solution to handle multiple search fields as well as encrypted data files which are stored in a much more controlled and secure way. Finding what you need, exactly when you need it is simple with a specific keyword search. It will also allow you to clean up your office space by getting rid of all the clutter caused by boxes, folders and filing cabinets that have accumulated over the years.

How Document Scanning Works

Document scanning allows an individual or business to digitally store all paperwork eliminating the need to have physical contact with a document. Your company can then develop a strategy as to how they are stored and with the right software, who can view, edit, print, email etc.

The process begins with a team of document scanning experts who will assess your requirements in order to establish the most cost-efficient and effective solution.

Your documents are then delivered from your site via courier service or USPS, UPS and FEDEX to be transported securely and safely to the temperature-controlled document warehouse for storage. Here documents are stored and scanned in an NAID AAA Certified, secure environment where the chain of custody for all documentation is taken very seriously in order to always know the exact location of every document. And no worries, your documents will always be available in the event an item is needed while not in your possession.

Next, the documents are prepared for scanning by formatting the paperwork, removing any staples or paperclips, inserting Patch-T separation papers, correcting any blemishes or anything else needed to accurately scan every page.

Documents are then scanned using the latest state-of-the-art equipment with a process that meets all industry-specific compliance requirements. The resulting document image is created based on your format requirements, whether you need TIFF, PDF or JPEG images and more. During and after scanning, a rigorous quality control program is taking place by ensuring all images were captured, legible and ready for the next step.
The scanned batches are then sent to the indexing team to have the required search fields(indexes) coded to enable accurate search and retrieval. Any formatting or other special needs are completed for importing to the existing solution. All paperwork is then returned to you or destroyed based on your requirements.

Benefits of Document Scanning

Now that you better understand the required steps for document processing, let’s take a look at some of the benefits document scanning offers your business.

Cost Savings
Digitization of your documents can provide you with several unexpected overall cost-saving benefits.

One main benefit is that once documents are all stored digitally, you no longer need entire rooms to store physical files, freeing up your required floor space. You no longer require the sizable real estate previously needed because of the poor use of floor space, saving you a great deal in month-to-month rental and lease fees. Files are now stored electronically in the cloud or on your server.

Another added bonus is the amount of employee time that is no longer wasted by searching for misplaced, unorganized or hard-to-find documentation. Many employees have wasted precious work hours searching through countless physical assets, often aggravated by a previous employee who has misplaced the document they are looking for. Depending on the document type, lost documents can result in a loss of large sums of money that could have been prevented. When documents are indexed digitally, employees are now able to search for a document based on criteria like search terms, subject, client and more. This saves excessive amounts of time that can be better used for other day-to-day requirements.

document scanning

Better Business Efficiencies
In this modern digital age, businesses find themselves threatened even more by market disruptors who offer customers a smooth digital experience.

The Digitization of your documents not only allows you to integrate digital processes that result in better overall organizational efficiency and cost savings but provides you with a way to offer a better customer experience to your clients giving you a more competitive market edge.

Paper processes are outdated and no longer effective and will only slow down the customer experience.
Benefits include:
– reduced customer response times
– cost reduction
– data integration to better understand your customer behaviors to deliver more personalized communications
– frees up employee time for more revenue-generating purposes
– encourages a modern, digital culture within your business

Better Security
Contrary to popular belief, storing digital documents online is dramatically safer than storing them physically. You have far more control over who can access documents and track those that do, giving you complete control over sensitive data information. Data storage companies maintain up-to-date, stringent security protocols and measures, and in the case of a natural disaster or fire can give you access to your data almost immediately.

The thought of outsourcing document scanning may make you a little weary, but rest assured…document scanning professionals have the skills, experience, and security practices established to undertake even the largest scaled projects while ensuring the safety of your documentation at all times. Outsourcing is also much more time-efficient and affordable than trying to scan all of your files in house without the proper training or equipment.

It’s vital when searching for an outsource document scanning company that you ensure they are compliant with specific industry standards and regulations. Tronitech utilizes Microsoft Azure for all data storage and processing ensuring your information is safe.

Tronitech Managed Document Services offers clients a 99.99% accuracy rate providing true digital representation of your physical documents. Customer data is typically returned within a 24 hour period, including large-scale projects that come in by the truckload. We use the best scanning practices and highest security measures for both your physical and digital files. Contact us today and let’s get started!


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