The Tronitech cost advantage

Tronitech has built its entire document imaging offering to provide you with a low-cost, low-risk vehicle to begin scanning documents.

  • All of our software is available to rent or purchase
  • Our unique web-based solution allows you to determine the amount of work you want to process in-house or send to Tronitech to complete. This lowers your investment in training and human resources and provides headache-free scalability should volumes increase.

Let’s talk ROI

The document imaging business is all about showing ROI to your Client, no matter if that Client is within your organization or an outside sales prospect.

  • You can generate higher ROI in one of two ways:
    • Keeping your upfront investment low
    • Pushing more volume against your upfront investment
  • Since you cannot control volume upfront, the most effective way to boost ROI is to minimize your upfront expenditure, which is where the Tronitech software rental option becomes so valuable
Let’s talk ROI

Low cost, Low capability

It is not uncommon to find very limited imaging capability that works alongside other service offerings like commercial records storage. “Scan on Demand” is the best known example. The implementation costs for scan on demand are very low; however, larger project work and most imaging opportunities that are capable of generating enhanced operating revenue require much more capability and investment than scan on demand.

High cost, Low capability

Some operators are not comfortable working with a partner. They decide to move into imaging on their own without a strong and knowledgeable partner like Tronitech or a consultant to assist them. As a result, learning the service model takes longer and some investments made early in the service entry process may prove themselves unwise. On the surface, it may appear that a self-guided solution is less expensive; however, when opportunity costs and rework are factored into the overall costs of a self-guided solution it really isn’t a viable alternative for most small businesses seeking to enter the imaging services market.

High cost, High capability

There are several other reputable imaging services companies in the marketplace. They offer quality solutions and varying levels of assistance and support. The models offered by many of these vendors require a substantial up-front investment. Tronitech can offer the same type of up-front investment option, as well. Tronitech understands that some operators may be comfortable with this investment but others may require a way to minimize operating costs associated with imaging services until sales can grow to the point that a more substantial investment is needed.

Low cost, High capability

Tronitech is proud to offer maximum flexibility for resellers. From software and imaging storage pricing, to equipment assistance, to support and education, Tronitech provides maximum value to its resellers by driving down costs. This comes without sacrificing functionality or capabilities that would limit revenue. By partnering directly with you to serve clients, Tronitech creates an imaging incubator for your business. As your capabilities grow, so does your revenue and options for other types of investment in software and services from Tronitech.