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Paper Wars!

Most organizations are still fighting everyday battles with paper that is clogging up office space and slowing down processes. A recent update from the 2014 AIIM Paper Wars, authored by Doug Miles, found that although keeping electronic records to save office space, improve business processes and overall cost of handling

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The Pain using Business Forms

Most business, schools and medical professionals are still using Paper forms and will admit they are a pain to manage. They are constantly rummaging through each page trying to find the necessary form, while likely leaving a hodgepodge for the next lucky person. Once/if found, they will often find it

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Advantage < Content Management System

A burning question persists, how much time do businesses spend handling, processing, and searching for documents? A recent study revealed that 20% of the average workday is devoted to unnecessary document handling. And 50% of the time, a manual search will fail to turn up the needed document. That’s

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