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Kendallville Public Library Purchases New Microfilm Reader with LSTA Grant

Kendallville, IN - The Kendallville Public Library recently received a $10,000 grant to purchase a new microfilm reader for the Russell Frehse Genealogy Room. This new equipment, called the U-Scan +, replaces an older model that is no longer being serviced or manufactured. The U-Scan + offers a crisper digital

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Just How Much Paper Do You Waste?

We all know that going paperless will help the environment and save trees. We have all seen the "Going Green" advertisements and social push to protect the planet. But do you know exactly how much paper we really waste? The average office worker uses approximately 10,000 sheets of paper per

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Automating document processing – What is OCR and Barcodes?

Automating document processing - What is OCR and Barcodes? OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition but OCR is really a process of taking an image and converting it into text so that it can be edited and searched.  There are two different types of OCR you can utilize to help

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Remember the support you used to get from your imaging vendor? Remember the great features and a help desk that really cared? Things change. Companies get sold. Prices go up. Service goes down. Maybe your vendor is also your competitor. So your vendor changed, maybe you need to change

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Processing Documents; Preparation, Scanning, & Indexing

Curious about the Document Imaging process? Ever wonder how documents are processed? In the video below, we briefly examine Document Preparation, Document Scanning, and Document Indexing. If you would like to learn more about how Tronitech can help with your Document Imaging challenges, contact the Tronitech Sales Team at

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Want to SUCCEED in offering Document Imaging Services?

Want to SUCCEED in offering Document Imaging Services? A lot of imaging resellers fail. Why? To be successful, imaging resellers rely on strong support and if your company is beginning to offer document imaging, your support needs to be exceptional. At EVERY level of interaction with you and your clients,

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PRISM Imaging and Digital Workshop Mumbai, India September 2014

Tronitech continues to grow its worldwide presence sponsoring, attending and providing software for the 2014 PRISM Imaging Workshop in Mumbai, India. Tronitech would like to thank all participants who attended the PRISM Imaging & Digital Info Workshop held in Mumbai, India last week. Special thanks to our presenters, John Becker

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AP workflow- Beneficial, and How to Get Started

Recently, new workflow software and cloud solutions have become available to automate invoice processing. Accounts Payable workflow automation software eliminates the need for manual processing without taxing IT resources and, when implemented by an experienced partner, integrates with a wide variety of accounting software packages like Microsoft Dynamics GP, and

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